XL Toy Police Bus




Attention – this is the police speaking! This extra-large wooden police bus, young law enforcers will have all their wishes fulfiled. With its size, it can be easily played with from above, and even its blue light can be opened. The bus offers space for two crooks who can be accompanied by three police officers through the openable door into the prisoner´s area. With the rubber-finished wheels, this bus can roll silently across all floor surfaces and make its way to the jail! A great wooden toy that belongs in every nursery!

Brand: small foot
Recommended Age: from 18 months
Product Dimensions: Police bus Approx. 30 x 15 x 16 cm; Figurine height: Approx. 9 cm, Ø Approx. 3 cm
Dimensions of Sale Package: ca. 38 x 13,5 x 29 cm
Net Weight (kg): 1.08
Gross Weight (kg): 1.28

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