Wubble Bubble Ball




Super Fun: Have unlimited fun with this amazing Wubble Bubble Ball! The Wubble Bubble Ball is a huge inflatable rubber ball that looks like a bubble! 

Plays Like A Ball: The Wubble Bubble Ball can be used in several different ways, kick it, slam it, throw it, sit on it or bounce it around! 

Fun For Everyone: Gather all your friends and run around with the Wubble Bubble Ball and play all manners of games!

Easy To Prepare: No inflation pump is needed, thanks to a self-sealing valve you can easily inflate it by mouth!

Outdoor Toy: Toys like this encourage your child to spend more time outside and promotes more active game & plays.

Very Popular: The Wubble Bubble Ball is a very popular toy all over the world, this toy has inspired many to create fun things like YouTube videos and so on! 


  • Material: Rubber
  • Characteristics: Inflatable
  • Recommended Age: + 6 Years
  • Product Name: Wubble Bubble Ball
  • Type: Outdoor Toy, Bubble Ball, Activity Toy
  • Important Information: Different Colours Sent Randomly According To Stock

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