Top Wing LED Trainers Brown/Navy Blue

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Never Stop Walking: With these amazing Top Wing LED Trainers, your child will never want to stay still again! Thanks to a combination of good looks, LED lights and comfortable feeling your child will absolutely love these Top Wing shoes.

Iconic Design: Inspired and designed after the popular Top Wing series, these trainers will quickly be one of your child’s favourite pairs of shoes! The known and popular design will also help your child to impress all their friends.

Comfortable To Use: These Top Wing trainers are very comfortable and will almost feel like walking in the air. They are very practical and can be used in many different situations.

Great Quality: Our Top Wing products are made to have a long lifespan and these Top Wing trainers are no exception! If properly maintained and used, these shoes can last for a very long time!

Easy To Use: With the Velcro design, your child will not have a hard time putting on or off these shoes. Just put in your feet and close the straps, no struggle with laces and so on!



  • Material: PU, Polyester. TPR
  • Colour: Brown, Navy Blue
  • Lights: LED
  • Type of Fastening: Velcro
  • Gender: Children’s
  • Design: Children’s Top Wing LED Trainers Shoes