The Avengers Assemble Long Pyjamas


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Iconic The Avengers Design: With these fantastic The Avengers Assemble Pyjamas, your child will always have nice and cozy clothes when it is time to sleep. Inspired and designed after the immensely popular The Avengers movies, these pyjamas will quickly be one of your child’s new favourite sleepwear!

Classic Sleepwear: Make it easier for your child to sleep by giving them these The Avengers Assemble Pyjamas. Children will find comfort and confidence when the children are with characters they know and like! 

Comfortable: These pyjamas do not only look good, they feel great as well! Thanks to the quality fabrics this pyjama will not itch or annoy the skin.

Great Quality: Our The Avengers products are made to have a long lifespan and these The Avengers Assemble Pyjamas are no exception! If properly maintained and used, this child’s pyjamas can last for a very long time!



  • Gender: Children’s
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Colour: Grey, Blue
  • Includes: Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Pants
  • Type: Long Sleeve Pyjamas
  • Design: Children’s Pyjamas, The Avengers, Avengers Assemble

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