Tech Deck Basic Skateboard




Skateboard… For Your Fingers: These Tech Deck skateboards are simply genius! They are skateboards… for your fingers, crazy I know but crazy fun as well! Tech Deck brings you the real deal with authentic fingerboards from real skate companies!

Perform Hand Stunts: Just like a pro fingerboarder, use the tool to fix up your board, then hit the rails and perfect your kickflip, ollie and shuvit. The only difference is that you are doing kickflips with your fingers now!

Iconic Designs: Tech Deck fingerboards feature graphics from iconic skate companies, like Blind, Baker, Santa Cruz, Toy Machine, and more! You never know which one you’ll get, so collect them all!

Build Them Yourself: Each fingerboard comes with various accessories, like a skate tool, extra trucks, extra wheels, grip-tape sheet, or stickers. You never know what you’ll add to your collection!



  • Recommended Age: 6 Years
  • Material: Plastic
  • Includes: 1x Complete Board, Assorted Accessories
  • Product Name: Tech Deck Basic Skateboard
  • Type: Skateboard Toy, Fingerboard
  • Important Information: Assorted Designs Sent Randomly According To Stock

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