small foot SESAME STREET Cookie Swinging See-Saw with Wheels


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Cooooookies! The Cookie Monster loves cookies and invites children to join him on this robust swinging see-saw made of FSC® 100%-certified wood for a swing-filled trip. Double the fun is guaranteed with the mountable wheels of this cookie swing. The round stoppers not only prevent the see-saw from rolling over, but also allow the swing to be quickly transformed into a slide. The small backrest prevents the SESAME STREET fans from sliding off. Every kid is a star in the children´s room with this extraordinary swinging see-saw!

Recommended Age: from 12 months
Product Dimensions: Approx. 67 x 29 x 47 cm; seat height 27 cm; maximum load 50 kg
Dimensions of Sale Package: ca. 62 x 8 x 29
Net Weight (kg): 4.57
Gross Weight (kg): 4.54
Certificate: 100% FSC®

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