Party Popteenies Doll Surprise Launcher




Party Popteenies: Give away a great surprise with this exciting Party Popteenies Doll Surprise kit! The Party Popteenies Dolls are very stylish and come with many surprises and fun accessories!  

Surprise Launcher: The confetti launcher that is automatic has a mechanism that creates a blast effect! Twist it and enjoy the confetti at your party!  The confetti is oh high quality and has different shapes and designs linked to the Party Popteenies Dolls!



  • Material: Plastic
  • Includes: Accessories Set, Poster Small
  • Recommended Age: 4+ Years
  • Collectables
  • Product Name: Party Popteenies Doll Surprise Launcher
  • Type: Small Dolls, Toys
  • Important Information: Assorted Designs Sent Randomly According To Stock

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