Nenikos Silicone Animals Baby Pacifier (0+ Months)




Hush, Cry No More: Calm your sweet little baby with this Nenikos Silicone Animals Baby Pacifier! A pacifier is a must-have and does wonders for all the parents out in the world. 

Do Wonders: A pacifier is a simple, and yet necessary, tool to calm a crying baby. The key to peace of mind for the whole family!

Cute Design: These Nenikos Baby Pacifiers have a very cute design and will surley fascinate & calm your little baby with both function and looks!

A Nenikos Product: Nenikos is known to produce high-quality Baby products with good function and they still deliver with this Nenikos Anti-Colic Bottle!



  • Size: + 0 Months
  • Properties: BPA-free
  • Type: Orthodontic
  • Material: Silicone
  • Product Name: Nenikos Silicone Animals Baby Pacifier (0+ Months)
  • Type: Baby Pacifier
  • Important: Assorted designs sent randomly according to stock

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