Enjoy The Pool: With these Minnie Mouse Pool Slippers, your child will always have a great time at the pool or the beach! These flip flops will help to protect your child from scorching hot sand and slippery pool areas.

Iconic Minnie Mouse Design: Inspired and designed after the popular Disney Minnie Mouse, these pool slippers will quickly be one of your child’s favourite pairs of shoes! The known and popular design will also help your child to impress all their friends.

Great Quality: Our Minnie Mouse products are made with great quality and have a long lifespan, these Minnie Mouse pool slippers are no exception! If properly maintained and used, these childrens’ pool slippers can last for a very long time!

Easy To Use: These Minnie Mouse Pool Slippers are very easy to use, your child will be able to put these off and on in a matter of seconds! No struggle with laces or Velcro that loses strength thanks to the sand!



  • Material: EVA
  • Colour: Pink or Fuchsia
  • Sole Design For Better Grip
  • Gender: Girls
  • Type: Swimming Pool Slippers
  • Design: Children’s Pool Slippers, Disney, Minnie Mouse

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