Mamzelleo Magic Sequin Cushion


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Magic Cushion: Do you love sequins? Then this Mamzelleo Magic Sequin Cushion is a must-have! This high-quality sequin cushion has an original and very elegant design! The shiny sequins allow you to draw on the surface by sliding your finger over them! 

Your Very Own Design: Do you want your pillows to have a new motif every day, week or month? Then just draw a heart, a smiley or whatever symbol you want! You can also write a word or a simple phrase on the pillow too!

Relaxing Decor: There are not many decorations out there that can give you this level of relaxing concentration while designing your own motif!

Both For Children & Adults: The fantastic function of this Mamzelleo Magic Sequin Pillow means that both children and parents can relax with it! It is also the perfect gift for all your friends.

InnovaGoods: Made by Mamzelleo, an InnovaGoods brand that is known for offering high-quality products with good function.


  • Soft & Springy Upholstery
  • Soft Polyester Case With Zipper
  • Shiny Sequins With Black Back
  • Approximately. Dimensions: 40 x 17 x 40 cm
  • Wash by Hand
  • Type. Cushion, Pillow

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