High-Quality Toys: The InnovaGoods Ubik 3D uses a genius cube design to entertain and educate both you & your child. The InnovaGoods Ubik 3D offers many hours of playtime joy for both you & your child! InnovaGoods is known to offer high-quality products with good function, the Ubik 3D is no exemption!

Rubik’s Cube Now In 3D: Rubik’s cube is an old classic toy that everyone knows and have tried. The Ubik 3D uses a similar design, but instead of matching colours, it is a 3D puzzle!

Twist & Turn: A skill game ideal for exercising your brain whilst having fun. You have to pay attention to the different sized pieces, as when twisting them, the cube distorts, leading to asymmetrical rectangular shapes which have to be moved into the correct position.

Educational Play: The InnovaGoods Ubik 3D will help and develop several different skillsets, like cognitive development and fine motor skills, to name a few!



  • Made of ABS
  • Innovative & Stylish Design
  • Helps Boost Intelligence & Memory
  • Promotes the Development of Patience & Mobility
  • Ideal for Playing Anywhere
  • Suitable for Children & Adults
  • Dimensions approx.: 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm

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