Save The Memories: With the InnovaGoods Tooth Box, you have a way to save and store all your baby’s relics for memories! The InnovaGoods Tooth Box is the perfect gadget to store your baby’s relics! InnovaGoods is known to offer high-quality products with good function, the Tooth Box is no exemption!

Relic Box: The InnovaGoods Tooth Box has two different options: boys box or girls box. It is an endearing small box that is ideal for storing a baby’s milk teeth, umbilical cord and lanugo. A creative way to store memories from early infancy.



  • Made Of Pinewood With Metal Clasp
  • Lid With Space To Write Down Information About The Baby
  • Interior With Space To Put The Baby’s Teeth, Umbilical Cord and Lanugo
  • Approx. Dimensions: 13 x 3 x 12 cm
  • For those Who Treasures Memories & Relics

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