High-Quality: The InnovaGoods LEDicorn Multicolour Unicorn Lamp makes it easy for your child to sleep at night thanks to its beautiful design and calming lights! The InnovaGoods LEDicorn Multicolour Unicorn Lamp is the perfect gadget for your children! The LEDicorn has several fun different functions: it can be used as a large rubber toy or be used as a night lamp that progressively changes colour. InnovaGoods is known to offer high-quality products with good function, the LEDicorn is no exemption!

Very Durable: Thanks to its rubber design, the InnovaGoods LEDicorn is a safe alternative to a night lamp. If the child would drop it on the floor, it would just shrug off the impact and not break! This lamp will also never get hot enough to burn your child.

Night Companion: It is not unusual that children may have a hard time trying to sleep alone in the dark at first. The InnovaGoods LEDicorn can help your child to get through the night by keeping your child company with calming lights!



  • Material: Rubber
  • Design: Unicorn, Modern, Versatile 
  • Button: On/Off 
  • Multicoloured LED Light (RGB): Progressively Changes Colour
  • Battery-Operated: (3 x AAA, Not Included)
  • Recommended Age: 3+ Years
  • Approx. Dimensions: 9 X 11 X 10 cm

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