InnovaGoods Inflatable Punching Bag




Incredible Toy: With the InnovaGoods Inflatable Punching Bag, your child will always have ways to release stress and energy while having fun at the same time! The InnovaGoods Inflatable Punching Bag Toy is the perfect gadget for your children! InnovaGoods is known to offer high-quality products with good function, this punching bag is no exemption!

Fun Activity Gadget: The punching bag is an old and classic way to both exercise and to play with. Simply fill the base with water or sand and inflate it, using the included hand pump! After this, the toy is ready to face your child in an entertaining sparring game

Learn To Exercise: Sometimes it can be difficult to find the motivation or the feeling to exercise, but toys like these help out by making it more fun! 



  • Material: PVC
  • Innovative Design With Score & Immediate Rebound
  • Base Can Be Filled With Water Or Sand For Greater Stability
  • Portable, Light, Resistant & Hard-Wearing
  • Includes Hand Pump!
  • Easy To Transport & Store
  • Takes Up A Small Amount Of Space
  • Recommended Age: 6-12 Years
  • Approx. Dimensions: 40 x 115 x 40 cm

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