IMC Toys Cry Baby Doll (30 cm)




Pacifier: This 12″ Cry Babies Baby Toy scents like real fruit, just like fruits. Just add liquid and Ella will magically weep real holes! Take out her pacifier and she will start crying like a real baby! Help soothe your Cry Baby Ella by putting the pacifier in her opening or gently laying her down. This doll attains with a pacifier also changeable fruit-themed pajamas.

High Quality: Fully articulated front, arms, and legs for added game value! Children rate the best, that’s why we perform to you Baby Doll Cry Babies IMC Toys (30 cm), ideal for the who seek property products for their short ones! Get IMC Toys at the most suitable price!


  • Language: ES
  • Batteries: AAA
  • Instruction Manual: Multilanguage
  • Recommended Age: +18 Months

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