Goula Wooden Pet Caterpillar




Bless your sweet baby child with this beautiful Goula Wooden Pet Caterpillar toy! The Goula Wooden Pet Caterpillar is designed to look like a cute colourful caterpillar and will bring much joy to your small child!

The Goula Wooden Pet Caterpillar is pulled along with a string, making the caterpillar toy follow you in a rhythmic movement. The cute movement will encourage the child to continue to pull the string. 

Besides that the body moves up & down in a very cute manner, the Goula Wooden Pet Caterpillar also makes a distinct €œclick€� sound when it is completing the movement cycle. 

While playing with these kinds of pet toys, your children will develop their manual skills, eye to hand coordination and their social skills as they start caring for their cute wooden pets!


  • Number of players: 1 Players
  • Assembly required: No
  • Recommended age: 10 Months
  • Material: Wood

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