Goula Tiki Musical Toy




Introduce your sweet baby child to the magic that is music with this artistic Goula Tiki Musical Toy! Designed to look like a cute wooden chicken, the Goula Tiki Musical Toy will grab the intention of your small child with colours and sounds!

This very inventive toy has three different kinds of instrument attached, a Xylophone, a Güiro and a drum – the Goula Tiki Musical Toy has it all! 

Thanks to the handle, this toy is easily carried around by the child between different locations! The Goula Tiki Musical Toy will not only entertain your child, it will also help to develop the child€™s hearing, sense of rhythm, musical perception, manual dexterity and eye to hand coordination!

Get yours Goula Tiki Musical Toy today and improve both the happiness and creativity of your child now!


  • Colour: Yellow
  • Material: Wood
  • Recommended age: 1+ year
  • Three different instruments,  a Xylophone, a Güiro and a drum

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