Goula Logic Farm Game




Help and improve your small child€™s logic skills with this highly puzzling Goula Logic Farm Game! With a cute cartoon design, the Goula Logic Farm Game will entertain your children as they try to solve the different challenges!

The Goula Logic Farm Game has two different game modes, solo mode and competitive mode: In solo mode you have to follow the rules to place the different pieces depending on what the card says. In competitive mode you have to be the first to solve 5 cards challenges!

The Goula Logic Farm Game will not only entertain your child, it will also help to develop the child€™s logic skills, hand to eye coordination and social skills while playing in competitive mode against others! 


  • Recommended age: 3+ Years
  • Material: Wood & Cardboard
  • Includes: 9 Wood pcs, 1 cardboard board,30 cards of different levels of difficulty

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