Goula Jungle Race Game




Have some fun games with your small ones with this highly entertaining Goula Jungle Race Game! Designed to educate and entertain children this Goula Jungle Race Game is perfect for family moments! This game is designed for preschool children, 2 to 4 players

This incredible board game has two different game modes: 

Jungle race, the objective is to be the first to take the animal tokens to the jungle once they have passed through the panel doors. The first player to take all the animal tiles to the jungle wins the game.

Wild Olympics, the objective is to get 5 points by sneaking the ball through the goals. In this version, all players play at the same time and those who pass their chips through the goals of the panel will earn points.

While engaging and entertaining your children, the Goula Jungle Race Game also will help to develop their dexterity and manual ability!


  • Recommended age: + 3 years
  • Assembly required: No
  • Number of players: 2-4
  • Material: Cardboard
  • Mango: Wood

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