Hit The Beach: With these very practical Frozen Sandals, you will never have to worry about scorching hot sand again! The practical design of these sandals gives this footwear many uses! 

Iconic Frozen Design: Inspired and designed after the Disney movie, Frozen, these sandals will make you feel like a princess! 

Versatile: The Frozen Sandals are very versatile and can be used almost everywhere. You can wear them as casual shoes, on hot summer days or when going to the beach.

Great Quality: Our Frozen products are made with great quality and have a long lifespan, these Frozen Sandals are no exception! If properly maintained and used, these child’s sandals can last for a very long time!



  • Material: PVC
  • Colours: Red
  • Sole Design For Better Grip
  • Gender: Girls
  • Type: Child Casual Sandals
  • Design: Children’s Sandals, Frozen