Family Fun Zoo Veterinarian & Medical Car


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Fun Zoo: Expand your zoo with this essential Family Fun Zoo Veterinarian & Medical Car! With this expansion, you can easily take care of and examine the health of all your zoo animals! For those who need additional care, the vet can use the vehicle to transport animals to the medical center. Set includes a figure, a lion cub, monkey, cart, medical tools, bandages, hay pack, grass pack, mug, and other accessories. 
Animal Care: Has a small animal cub injured itself? With the help of his vehicle, the veterinarian can quickly be on-site and help where needed! The vehicle has a removable transport box for baby animals, an ultrasound machine, and many accessories for animal care. A vet is included, a lion cub and a small monkey are also included in the set.
Zoo Vet: Caring for animals with the Zoo Vet with Medical Cart. The vet is able to treat the injured lion cub using the first aid kit that includes bandages and other medical supplies. All supplies can be easily stored in the medical box and placed in the back of the quad.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Recommended age: + 4 Years
  • Battery operated: No
  • Assembly required: No

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