Cyber Arcade


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Your First Portable Handheld Game Console: The Cyber Arcade is a fantastic handheld game console that comes with 200 different games to play! This is the perfect toy to introduce your child to the concept of video gaming!

Arcade Design: The Cyber Arcade Also has an amazing design, it is built to look like a classic arcade machine which makes it very cool indeed!

Affordable Entertainment: With the Cyber Arcade you get a handheld game console that does not swallow your wallet, making the Cyber Arcade affordable and fun at the same time!

A 2.8’’ LCD Colour Screen: The Cyber Arcade will really immerse your child with the fantastic colour screen, making your child enjoying the games even more! 

Built-In Speaker: With the built-in speaker, your child will be able to hear all the sounds and thus adding to the experience. The built-in speaker also has an adjustable volume level.

Compact Size To Bring It Everywhere: Because of the brilliant handheld format, you will be able to bring the Cyber Arcade with you everywhere you go! Making sure that your child always has at least one fun toy with him every time! 

200 Different Video Game Classics In One Console: With a great selection of 200 different games, your child will get extremely many hours of entertainment out of the Cyber Arcade! All games are also inspired by classic known formats which makes them even more enjoyable!

Glorious 8-Bit: Let your child experience the glory that is 8-bit graphics and also gain an understanding of the period that laid the ground for the modern games! 



  • Material: Plastic
  • Recommended Age: +5 Years
  • Battery operated: Yes
  • Batteries: 3x AA
  • Batteries Included: No
  • Functions: Sound
  • Size On Screen: 2,8’’ (7,1 cm) LCD Colour Screen
  • Includes: 200 Different Games
  • Product Name: Cyber Arcade
  • Type: Portable Handheld Game Console

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