Curligirls Doll


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Curligirls Doll: Get these magical Curligirls Dolls! The Curligirls Dolls is a truly remarkable toy, when you pull the doll’s hair it will instantly curl! The longer you pull it, the more it curls up! 

Unique Hair: If you want to straighten the Curligirls Doll’s hair again you only simply need to immerse it in warm water! Comb the hair – curl it and straighten it again and again! 

Customise: There is also the possibility of customising your Curligirls Doll’s hair using hairpins and beads



  • Recommended Age: + 3 Years
  • Material: Plastic
  • Collectables
  • Product Name: Curligirls Doll
  • Type: Doll Toy
  • Important Information: Assorted Designs Sent Randomly According To Stock

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