Chicco Baobab Shape Sorter




Joyful Development: Help your baby to have a wonderful time with this highly enjoyable Chicco Baobab Shape Sorter, a shape sorting game! This toy which is inspired by nature is designed like a tree with several animals residing in it.

Challenging Fun: Babies will have fun when feeling & touching the texture of the tree, the animals etched into the different shapes and playing with the different shapes.  While placing the shapes in the correct positions, children develop their hand coordination and cognitive skills. This toy also encourages tactile exploration and creativity as well as improving concentration and fine motor skills!

Recycled: If that is not enough this toy is also made of 80% recycled plastic, with 100% recyclable packaging. Give your baby a Chicco Baobab Shape Sorter today!



  • Material: Recycled plastic
  • Recommended age: + 6 Months
  • Includes: 4 Pieces
  • Design: Geometric shapes – Tree, animals (multi-colour)
  • Promotes coordination, concentration and fine motor skills
  • Product Chicco Baobab Shape Sorter
  • Type: Baby Activity Toy, Baby Puzzle Toy, Baby Sorting Toy

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