Baby Shark Long Sleeve T-Shirt Pink/White




Iconic Baby Shark Design: With this fantastic Baby Shark T-shirt, your child will always have access to cool and impressive clothing! Inspired and designed after the immensely popular Baby Shark, this T-shirt will quickly be one of your child’s new favourite T-shirts!

Comfortable: This T-shirt does not only look good, it feels great as well! Thanks to the quality fabrics this T-shirt will neither itch nor annoy the skin. 

Great Quality: Our Baby Shark products are made with great quality and have a long lifespan, this Baby Shark T-shirt is no exception! If properly maintained and used, this child’s T-shirt can last for a very long time!



  • Material: Cotton
  • Colour: Pink, White
  • Gender: Girls
  • Type: T-Shirt, Long Sleeve
  • Design: Children’s T-Shirt, Baby Shark

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